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‘Rooms Made For You’ by British Gypsum is a new generation of products and services designed to make you think about your interior space as more than simply a functional space.

Rooms Made For You - About Us

The aim is to improve the lifestyle of homeowners and change the way that walls within the home are perceived in the future.

In recent years we have taken a close look at the needs of the people who live and work in buildings. We quickly realised that people have real unmet needs when it comes to how they use their spaces and that the products that we make and supply could make life a lot better.

For example, we found that people currently need to adjust how they live in homes due to the nature of the material used to build their houses. Everyone can relate to putting off hanging pictures and fitting shelves, or deciding not to hang the new flat screen TV because fixing to plasterboard is so difficult.

Another common tale is how people need to be careful not to make noise in their own homes, tiptoeing around and keeping the TV turned down in fear of disturbing the neighbours or waking family members.

We feel that we can do better than this; we have the technology to improve flexibility and freedom in how people live their lives in their own homes.

Under Rooms Made For You, we have launched products and services that allow the occupier to express themselves easily through their homes, making their spaces into flexible canvasses for their lives that allow them to live in their homes the way they want to.

With over a century of experience in developing products and systems, this is a new way of thinking for us. The current products are just a start of our journey and developments are already underway to bring new products to market that will enhance your living environment.

A Magnetic Wall allows you to create an interactive area in your home; use our innovative Thistle Magnetic Plaster with any paint or wallpaper finish.

Gyproc Habito enables you to fix things directly into the wall without the need for specialist fixings.

Our Sound Solutions deliver substantially enhanced levels of sound insulation enabling different members of the family to turn it up loud or enjoy a quiet night’s sleep without any compromise.

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